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Tips on Landing a Job in Times of Recession

Posted last October 12, 2009, 7:28 pm in Jobs report article

Most of us need to work and if we're out of work we face the sometimes daunting task of finding a new job. Things can be really hard when the economy is in trouble. Companies tend to fire rather than hire in a depression. So what can you do to get a job in the Philippines? Here are some practical suggestions which will certainly boost your confidence and almost certainly boost your chances in your search for jobs.

Change your mind set. Many job seekers are locked into a certain job. They want a certain salary, in a particular career, working a set number of hours. Well maybe that attitude won't work any more. Or maybe it won't work as well.

So look at what other fields you could work in. Don't look only at one type of job; push yourself to consider other types of jobs in other areas of work. And if you argue that your skills restrict what you can do, then upgrade your skills. By doing even a short course or two, you will improve your chances of finding a job. Firstly because you will be better qualified and second because you will make yourself useful in different types of jobs.

One major shift in employment in recent times is the number of part-time jobs available. If you are locked into finding only full-time work, you are shutting the door on a wide range of employment opportunities. Remember that many companies hire and promote people who are already in their employ. If you find a part-time job and do well, the company may well offer you another job.

Working for yourself is another option. You won't have sick leave, holidays and company superannuation but there are many benefits. You can work from home, set your own hours and enjoy the challenge of making your own business a success. Obviously the question arises as to what you can do. So look at your experience and skills.

Find the area of expertise with which you are happy and then start marketing yourself. Put some references on a one page letter and send it to prospective companies. You will be surprised as to how many companies employ a contract based person. It saves the company a lot of money and it provides you, the freelancer, with work.

Networking is a valuable tool in so many ways. If you have worked for someone before and parted on good terms, contact this person and tell them you are in the job market. Word of mouth promotion is so often helpful. Remember you don't want or need twenty jobs but only one.

Then there are job agencies. These companies exist to place people in work. Usually they are paid a part of the salary by the company who is the employer. So register with one or more of these agencies. This means that someone else is working for you, someone else is trying to find you a job.

Finally re-think your goals. Be prepared to take less money than you would normally get. Be prepared to work flexible hours and to travel further if necessary. The key here is to land that job. Once you're in the job market, you can plan finding a better job even within your present company.

Keep your spirits up and stay positive. Remember those Philippine jobs are out there and it's just a matter of you being available when the offer is made.

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