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The Brazen Bachelor: How to Make the Perfect Pad

Posted last May 26, 2017, 2:48 am in Real Estate report article


The Brazen Bachelor: How to Make the Perfect Pad


Growing up, a lot of guys can’t wait to play with the world and grab it by the horns. Most individuals enter college at 18 and usually graduate at 22 or 23. By that age, a guy would start looking for a place that will suit his profession and passion. Men in their bachelor years tend to be more socially, physically, and sexually active while balancing work and relationships.


People may have heard of the “Man Cave” and the “Bachelor’s Pad.” While the two are seemingly similar in design, their purposes are entirely different. To make things a bit easier to understand, here are their purposes.


The Man Cave is primarily a place in a married man’s house that is devoid of anything feminine. It’s a place where “Dad” and his friends spend their Friday evenings while watching the latest football or baseball games. A man cave is a place for men to get away from women.


The Bachelor’s Pad is mostly for available guys who want to date and attract potential partners. A bachelor’s pad provides adequate space for men parties, recreational activities, personal hobbies, and winning the hearts of gorgeous and attractive ladies. A bachelor’s pad not only provides a lot of functions for single men, but it also provides an essential need: Living Space.


Regarding total area size, a bachelor’s pad easily beats out a man cave. Man caves dwell deep inside houses, sometimes inside the basement. A bachelor’s pad is the house itself. This article will provide more info about Bachelor Pads for single guys. It will show guides and tips essential for the single alpha male to intricately design his very own pad.


Before doing anything else, men should know that decorating a bachelor pad is a challenge not to be taken on by the lazy and apathetic ones. A bachelor’s pad is a representation of the person that owns the place. Every detail should at least describe a guy’s personality, likes, preferences, and other things that he wants to show friends and potential partners.


Each quarter is explained piece by piece to emphasize the function and overall look of an area. Without further ado, here are the most important details to consider in designing the perfect Bachelor’s pad.



The Living Room: Choosing the Best Furniture


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Furniture is one of the vital components of a bachelor’s pad. It provides functionality and comfort for the owner and the people who are going to step inside the place.




Whether it’s for watching movies with buddies or snuggling tight with your girlfriend, a sofa is a must in a lot of pads. It provides functionality, especially for nights with friends who need a temporary place to crash, couches can also become a bed for men. It can also serve as chairs for that dinner on the coffee table. A pad without a sofa is not a bachelor’s pad.


Coffee Table



Coffee Tables are what goes next to your couch. It’s an important item to have because a lot of friends and acquaintances spend the most time in the living room area of a bachelor’s pad. It’s perfect for small drinks or even dinners.


To spruce it up more, choose glass or any transparent material for a table. Underneath the table is reserved for any centerpieces like coffee table books, modern artworks, or anything that can spark interest and conversation. Just make sure it’s sturdy and can bear a lot of weight.


A lot of guys often end up destroying their coffee tables because they put in too much weight while doing activities in the living area. Admittedly, guys also have this behavior upon arriving from work where they rest their feet on the table. A lot of times, men are too tired to care and end up smashing the fragile glass.




In choosing a centerpiece, make sure that it corresponds with the bachelor’s likes, hobbies, and other details about himself that he wants onlookers to notice. Although outlandish items such as Cow Skulls and Voodoo Masks are perfect ideas for centerpieces, some people might find them disturbing. Using items such as these is entirely up to the owner’s discretion.


It's not a splendid idea to rely on just one centerpiece especially like those underneath the transparent coffee table. If it’s a poster of some cool movie, frame it and go for the minimalist’s design.


A minimalist’s design is just that: Minimal. This unique style is a popular choice especially when a bachelor want’s to highlight and focus on a centerpiece. It is clean and neat. It also highlights any story a bachelor can tell to his friends or that special lady.



The Bedroom: Choosing the perfect bed




A step further inside the bachelor’s pad, the bedroom is the most private and sacred place for men. It’s a place where only a few get to step inside, let alone see. If a person does, however, make their way inside a bachelor’s bedroom, rest assured that they are special.


A good idea for a bed is to make use of pallets. There are dedicated manufacturers of this unique and modern style in case a bachelor is weary of its sturdiness. Pallet-themed bed frames are not only good looking, but they can also attract a lot of attention, especially when men invite their girlfriends or other potential partners inside.


Aside from the aesthetic value, pallet beds are easy to clean. Due to their frame, pallets can be highly customizable. The owner can put small drawers or containers underneath them. Also, choose a good mattress to add to the overall comfort.



iiT.V. or no T.V: That is the Question


A lot of debates happen when it comes to keeping T.V. sets inside the bedroom. Personally, activities like watching shows and movies should be away from the bedroom. A bedroom is where the focus on intimacy happens. Surely, a bachelor would not want her woman’s concentration on a cable channel when they’re about to become romantic.


A good alternative to this is by providing a good sound system inside a bedroom. Installing in-wall and ceiling speakers is an excellent idea for bedrooms with small spaces available. Sound and music can create an overall mood and feeling that is adequate for lovemaking and intimacy.





In considering the mood, men should pay attention to at least 4 of the five senses. A bed provides the feeling of touch. Speakers address the hearing needs. The overall arrangement of the bedroom caters to sight.


In most cases, men forget about the sense of smell. A lot of them make the mistake of not adequately providing scents to their bedroom. No matter how elegant a bedroom is, if it smells like old socks, then it’s a definite turn off.


Place at least 2 or 3 scented candles inside a bedroom to make sure that smelly bedrooms won’t become the reason for a letdown. Also, pay close attention to the scents used inside a room. Don’t choose scents that may be overpowering or it’ll be just the same as having a room with dirty laundry lying around.



The Dining Area: Small but serviceable



Most guys have dining areas that are too large for their bachelor pads. Sometimes, this becomes the problem. The space for other critical places such as the living room gets compromised.


This choice is a common mistake where a lot of pads have the living room and dining area seemingly merge at some point. Avoid this eyesore and provide a small, elegant, and serviceable area for dining.


Providing a clear boundary, such as a wall is a good idea in separating the areas of a bachelor’s pad. The space on the wall on the living room’s side provides a space for bookshelves. On the kitchen side, a custom made liquor cabinet is a good idea to show off those bottles of fine wine and other beverages to your friends.


A versatile dining area should provide at least enough space for the fridge, a washing area, a place to put in utensils and plates, and tables and chairs good for 2-4 people.



The Bathroom and Lavatory: Separating Usage



The bathroom inside a bachelor’s bedroom should also not be too large so that it won't eat too much space. A bachelor’s bathroom should be squeaky clean and devoid of anything that may contribute to that dirty and disgusting bathroom. Avoid using white towels because they get dirty quite fast. Instead, use dark colored towels such as dark blue, gray, and charcoal colored fabrics.


A lavatory is a place where your guests go if ever they need to go pee. A restroom is essential in a bachelor’s pad because more often, friends come over and eventually use the bathroom. Undeniably, a bachelor would not want a dozen friends using his personal bathroom by going in and out of his private place: The Bedroom.

The lavatory should also be just simple and small. Provide a dry rug or small mat at the entrance of the restroom so that guests can wipe their feet on it before stepping back.





A Bachelor’s pad is a place where single men want to spend their private moments with potential partners. It’s also a place where they get to do social activities with their friends. However, a bachelor’s pad isn’t a bachelor’s pad without providing its most basic function: Living space.


To maximize both the living space and functionality of a pad, owners should be careful in choosing the right furniture and gadgets. Enormous TV Screens should be out of the bedroom and instead, be in the living room to provide entertainment for the guests.


Use colors that focus on a single theme. Don’t go for that advice that black, red, and white are negative colors for bachelor pads. A bachelor’s pad is personal which will reflect the overall personality of a guy.



Author Bio


Leslie Wyman is a blogger and a writer that focuses mainly on topics about interior designs. She also has extensive knowledge when it comes the male psyche. During her free time, Leslie frequents the gym to release stress. She also maintains her gym membership to become more fit and healthy.