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6 Styling Tips You Need to Know While Traveling in Greece

Posted last June 5, 2017, 5:50 am in Travel Guide report article



So, you have placed your booking for your trip to Greece? Are you done with your hotel plans? How about your “activity” list? Travel money check? Done? Well, then you are ready to proceed on deciding for your outfit of the day in every desired plan you want to do while in the country of bountiful history.  Now pull out your notepad and listen carefully.



Check The Climate




Even though you usually see Greece as a country full of sunlight they too have cool weather, so you better regularly research the weather forecast of the place you plan to visit. The variation of the temperature usually happens at morning, afternoon, and night. Well, that's obvious because of the fundamental principle of weather conditions.


There are circumstances when Greece has cities where it snow! So doing research is best for the vacation.


The Beach


From their beautiful beach white sands to their sparkling sea who wouldn't want to visit it?  If you can at least check it out, then you won’t be experiencing the “Being In Greece” feeling. So don't forget to pack your sunglasses, sun block, a cute straw hat and most importantly an attracting bikini or swimsuit.


Remember to dress light, for it is mostly a warm weather out there. Prefer pastel colors for they can give you a “fresh” feeling even with the heat.


The Island Hoppings




Greece has a lot of islands, so a side note for a lot of future traveling is to travel lightly. Anyway while on an island hopping, the air might be either warm or cool so why not pair it up this way.


During hot seasons, you might want to match a sleeveless collared blouse with white shorts, and gladiator sandals or slippers, so that you can look active and look cool.


Staying wrapped in pants will prevent you from enjoying the trip, and when doing an island hopping, you would be riding ferry boats, so your sneakers will have a high chance of getting wet.


When it is Cool, you’ll feel chilled, but that doesn’t mean that even when you are wrapped up, you can't go in style.Pick a stylish boot and warm jeans that can match a shirt of your liking and top it with a leather jacket.



The Ruins




Pick your best dress, a maxi dress, teacup dress, off-shoulder dress, etc. because you are visiting a historical site, so why not dress with something that will shout elegance? It might help you visualize what ancient Greece is, especially on how women dresses for their comfort back in the time.


A simple dress to match the location will be most appropriate for your ruin tours. Though Greece has a very extravagant history, it is advised not to exaggerate your fashion like wearing a thick furry coat or a big round hat. Instead, wear clothes which will make you feel cool and fresh because you wouldn't want to be sweating too much while exploring right?


The Restaurant


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner take your pick because a fashionista should always eat in class.


Breakfast, Make it simple but elegant, keep your makeup light because you're starting your day, so pick a simple crop top shirt with a skirt and a pair of cute flats. Wouldn't that be a perfect look for breakfast style?


Lunch, why not try and go for a bit of upbeat style and pick your most comfortable chunky heels? Pair it with pants or maxi skirt and choose between a sleeveless crop top or a spaghetti strap. Oh and don't forget a cute straw hat to match the outfit.


Dinner, this time set out your makeup and do a glamorous look for dinner with either yourself or with someone you like. Start with your clothes, a dress or a skirt with a top of your choice could satisfy the night. But make it simple yet glamorous, then you can either have it on flats or heels, a comfortable pair of heels.



The Nightlife




The nightlife in Greece happens around July and August. If you happen to be at the right time, then you can go and visit the cities of Mykonos, Paros, Ios, and Santorini to experience their best nightlife, where you can party, dance, and listen to live DJs.


Now in picking your style for the night, you should first consider the party's location because there are times where they happen on beaches, open spaces, party houses, etc.


You should pick a style where you can move easier because if the venue is at the beach you’d be standing on the sand so wearing heels are no, no! Choose a  pair of flats that would match your chosen outfit. In picking your nightlife style what you should consider most is what shoe you will be wearing.


Don't Forget




Of course, as a fashionista, you must never forget to bring the equipment you need to get that perfect Instagram photo. It can either be a GoPro Camera or a Digital camera, but if you have both, you can use them with no restrictions.  




Remember, it’s Greece, so pick an outfit which will make you feel the city’s presence. Don't wear dark clothes that would stop you from enjoying what the city can offer because you might miss out the fun. Also, put in mind that you are traveling in a metropolis with a lot of activities, so keep in mind to dress where you are most comfortable with but still in style.




Author's Bio


Leslie Wyman is a writer by deed and soul. She travels a lot and the wonders, beauties and background stories of the different cities he visited inspired her to write about travels and tours. Leslie reads a lot and loves to dip in beaches and lakes in various parts of the world.