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Car Maintenance Services

Posted last April 27, 2012, 3:52 am in Services report article


Vehicles need to be in good condition too before a trip. Getting stuck or broken-down is a very depressing thing. Even though cars evolve to need less-frequent care, maintenance and replacement costs can take a big bite out of your wallet. Getting your car well maintained by a mechanic is really a must.


With so much importance on car buying, few people consider the maintenance requirements of an automobile. The modern car may have as many as 75,000 parts, and the malfunction of just one can make your car behave very strangely. Maintaining a car in good shape will help you to keep it safe, drive it for a long time, and someday sell it for a better price. 


We always forget a few important things that we must remind our mechanics to check before leaving the workshop..


  • Battery water - check and top up the water level.
  • Radiator water - top up the water level or fill up with coolant.
  • Timing Belt - check if it still within its limit period to prevent breakdown.
  • Belting - the sounds of any belting such as alternator belting, compressor belting, power steering belting must be removed and belting must be changed if it is scratched.
  • Air Filter Housing - need to be cleaned and any dirt must be removed in order to get smooth engine breathing.
  • Water Coolant - use water coolant to prevent the engine from sudden heat up.
  • Alternator - the mechanic has to confirmed whether this part can still be used or has to be changed.
  • Any Oil - oil level such as gear oil, brake oil and clutch oil.
  • Plug Cable - change the plug cable in order to get good firing system.
  • Any Hose - any leaking hose has to be replaced especially the fuel hose before it get burnt.



If anything seems out of place, have it checked with a mechanic as soon as possible. An unusual smell, a new noise, a vibration, a new light on the instrument panel coming on, anything, have it checked! As a car owner your responsibility is to maintain your car to be as safe as possible, for your sake, and the sake of those with whom you share the road.