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Live in Hilo! Shop in Hilo!

As a resident of Hilo, Hawaii, you are invited to be part of the

Shop Hilo Movement! This grassroots effort will help

support the local businesses in your Hilo that will help

sustain a stronger local economy for us all.

Why join the Shop Hilo Movement?

In this tough economy, local small businesses in

Hilo, Hawaii need

your help and support. When you buy a product or

service from a Hilo

business, you are helping your community because of

the local city sales tax revenue derived from the

purchase you make. This money is recycled back to

the community in the form of community services, youth

education, and safety.

What can I do to help?

  • Think Hilo first when you shop!
  • Dine out in local Hilo restaurants
  • Buy from your local shops in Hilo
  • Go to local doctors and dentists
  • Get your next CAR in Hilo

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The LOCAL MULTIPLIER EFFECT - It pays to Shop Hilo!

Buying local isn't just about freshness. Make your money count—more than once.