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Choose the Right Wine

Posted last April 27, 2012, 12:06 am in Nightlife report article


Wine is simply the fermented juice of fresh grapes, yet the transformations may be infinite. Wine tasting is simple, pleasurable, fun, and can be stimulating to the mind as well as the senses.


What is the process to produce this wines?

- The grapes are collected and the juice pressed out either by treading or by more or less developed mechanical mechanisms. 

- The juice 'must' ferment which is also to say that the sugar in the grape juice, is converted into alcohol. The chemistry of fermentation the action of yeast is a complex matter. 

- It is sufficient here to say that it is a bacteriological process in which living micro-organisms increase and multiply, needing the active cooperation of oxygen from the air. 


The primary fermentation takes place with free access to the air. The young wine is run off into casks or vats which are covered from the air for the secondary fermentation, in which the wine. It is interesting to note that the right climate with high summer temperature is the best for wine-producing. In the cold countries the grape cannot ripen. In countries, where the mean temperature is not lower than some wine-producing countries. The normal summer heat is insufficient, in the equatorial territories the vine does not prosper.


Every kind of vine gives a distinct characteristics to its product, and the most celebrated wines are made from different varieties of grape. So if you’re stuck bringing a bottle of wine over to a friend’s house for a dinner party and have no idea what to buy or where to start here are some steps on how to choose wine..



  • Pairing wines with the food. Be sure that the wine you will pick would compliment with the food the you will eat.
  • White wine or Red Wine. Because in general red wine tend to be strong while white wines are usually sweeter.
  • Alcohol content. You could choose from light body, medium body and full body alcohol volume.
  • Vintage or not. Depends on what age of red wine you prefer more. On the other hand, for most white wines aging doesn't matter.
  • Lastly is choose what is your preferred taste of wine and allways rely on your own taste buds.



The thing to remember is that be contented and happy once you choose a bottle of wine you have already done your best to please someone's taste.