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BabySitter / Nanny Interview Checklist

Posted last February 22, 2012, 6:58 am for NY Caregivers Net in Jobs report article

General Questions

What is it that you enjoy most about baby sitting? What do you look for in any particular family that might hire you? What is your hourly rate? Have you ever been convicted of a felony or arrested? Is it acceptable  for you if a job runs later than planned? Have you got your own transportation? How quickly will you let us know if you can’t do a specific assignment?

Background and Previous Experience

For how many years have you been working with children (seniors / pets, if appropriate)? What child care roles have you done in the past: nanny, sitter, coach, tutor, etc.? For how many families have you cared for in the recent past and how old were the kids? Do you have experience in bathing children?

Babysitter / Nanny’s Circumstances

Do you live nearby to the city center? How could you get to your job at our home? Car, underground, etc.? What is your course of study in college (alternatively, what is your current full time job)? Have you got any allergies to dogs, cats, or other pets? Are you uncomfortable around any particular pets? Do you have any particular religious affiliation that might affect the way you care for our children? Are you planning on taking any time off within the next 6 months? (question for nannies)

Training and Safety

Do you know First Aid? Do you know CPR (i.e. cardiopulmonary resuscitation)? Are you familiar with the Heimlich maneuver (i.e. emergency technique for preventing suffocation)? Can you swim? Are you familiar with emergency numbers (e.g. 911)? Can you drive to an hospital in an emergency?

Behavioral Questions

Have you ever faced any particular crisis on one of your previous baby sitter / nanny jobs? Tell me how you handle it, at the time. How would you keep my children busy on a day like today’s? How do you normally handle a situation when a child refuses to go to bed and sleep? How do you normally handle temper tantrums? If a child starts whining, crying, screaming, kicking, hitting, breath holding, what do you normally do for each situation? What is your best achievement in caregiving and why? What was your worst experience in senior care / child care, and how did you sort it out? Do you normally rely on spanking in order to ensure discipline amongst children? And are you willing to change your current methods if we ask you to?

Tasks and Responsibilities

How do you feel about play dates for my children? Can you assist in getting them planned? Can you care for more kids if we organize a play date in the house? Have you got skills for assisting my children with homework, possibly even making dinner or doing light housework? Would you consider helping with overnight care, if needed? Can you travel with my family if we need you to?

If Newborns are Involved

Are you comfortable caring for newborn babies? Can you change a diaper? Do you know how to handle CPR (i.e. cardiopulmonary resuscitation) for a newborn? Can you properly carry and pick up a newborn? Do you know about SIDS (i.e. sudden infant death syndrome) and how to prevent it? Can you prepare and heat infant formula adequately? Are you familiar with Shaken Baby Syndrome? Do you know the proper size for baby chewables and how to prevent choking?

If the Nanny / Babysitter will be Driving a Car

Are you comfortable driving children in a car? May I see your driver’s license? For how many years have you been driving? Have you got any marks against your driving record (speeding or accidents)? DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)? DUI (Driving Under the Influence)?