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Great Technology is not enough at Oracle Corporation to Provide Excellent Service

Posted last February 27, 2018, 6:47 am in News report article

Java is a popular platform for developing apps with extreme performance and scalability requirements. Java technologies help develop big, robust and high performance apps. It’s one of the best platforms used by Oracle Corporation.

Oracle Corporation is a multinational computer technology corporation in the United States, headquartered in Redwood Shores, California. It primarily specializes in the development and the marketing of database technology and software, cloud engineered systems as well as enterprise software products, especially its own database management systems brands. Oracle was the second biggest software maker by revenue back in 2015. Also, the company develops and create tools for database development and systems of middle-tier software, ERP or enterprise resource planning software, CRM or customer relationship management software and SCM or supply chain management. It also uses frameworks and platforms for software and web development, including Java development service. A Java software company develops solutions using the Java platform, which is widely used in software, web and mobile app development.


Since it was founded in 1980, Oracle has been popular for its innovation and prowess, for its protean range of enterprise software and database products, as well as for its influential leadership, beginning with the three people at the top of the company. The Oracle CEO has been one of the most prominent voices of Silicon Valley on the maturation of digital technology and its impact on the worldwide industry.

Oracle has acknowledged, as stated by its CEO the underlying computing capability today, which is so much faster, which means that systems could crunch through a deluge of data almost right away. AI and Big Data are huge players in the computing game. Furthermore, Java services offered by a Java web development company are nothing but highly effective.

The world has witnessed data explosions in the past, and every time, organizations have attempted to manage it in one way or another. This time however, with more advanced computing capability as well as software technology, systems could not only augment decisions, but could make them faster and better, freeing up employees as well as consumers to do more interesting things.


Oracle has become masterful in using basic messages for communicating the complex nature of its products, and its vision an overall mission to customers as well. The slogan of the company, which is “Hardware and software, engineered to work together’. It is not rocket science, but in terms of complex technology, basic messaging could be extremely effective and one way that a company has been able to amass more market share in database services. Customers do not purchase technology, they buy solutions. Furthermore, they love it when solutions are easy, simple and uncluttered.


Oracle is the automatic choice of most big corporations since it is the market leader on the Linux platform. The present version is Oracle Database 12C, which supports numerous versions of Linux, UNIX and Windows. There are several optimized tools for database administration, which help efficient data migration and management. With the widespread use of Oracle, looking for a good Oracle technician with a huge array of skill-set it not as difficult these days.

Oracle’s been keeping pace with new multiple technologies, including Java. Oracle database at present uses an in-memory columnar technology, which lets companies accelerate performance of all business analytics. Also, Oracle is renowned for combining hardware and software for a high performing database, known better as Exadata. Oracle is entirely scalable and the architecture features a somewhat, scale-out, unique design with flash technology, smart storage and a lightning fast InfiniBand internal fabric. The company is the choice of most successful enterprises and organizations because of its efficient database management and security options. While Oracle is known to be notoriously effective, it is definitely one of the best DBMS products when it comes to efficient database application and administration. Oracle has whopping 40.8 percent market share in Europe.


The Role of Oracle DBA in an organization.

A database administrator or DBA is the key to all company data. It’s given a responsibility of structuring and archiving the data of an organization. The two important responsibilities of a DBA in a company are:

1. A DBA should maintain data about data. This technically is metadata, which should be collected, stored and supplied per query. Any stored data that does not have a description or metadata lacks true meaning. The database administrator is responsible to maintain all metadata on archived data for all references in the future. 

2. DBA is also responsible to perform SQL code walkthroughs and reviews, to boost DMBS efficiency and performance speed. Writing new programs to create new tools for efficient management of database and function also is part of the OracleDBA’s job description.
Oracle is currently the leading RDBMS vendors today. A DBA is a must for any big company, which has to curate data. With Oracle, the best value for money is definitely possible.

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