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Health & Beauty in New York New York, United States

New York Health and Beauty Services

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Articles in New York Health Beauty Fashion Personal Care

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Builds Your Sexual Health Well With Nutrition

If you are some kind of fitness freak and have little idea about how to build muscle then you must be aware that exercise is nothing but the breaking up of the muscles. To be able to get that muscle fixed you need more and more protein so that you ca...

Sports Injury & Pain Management Clinic of New York

Pain management doctor, Dr. Melepura of pain management clinic in NYC is best in class, top rated New York pain specialist provides highly personalized and comprehensive pain care in NYC. He is among the best pain relief doctors in the country.B...

Nutrition Counseling Specialist | Midtown NYC

Integrative Health and Wellbeing at Radiance Aesthetics & Wellness. We offer an integrative, holistic health and wellness approach for a wide variety of symptoms and conditions including hormonal imbalance treatment, chronic fatigue, se...

Vegan diet for weight lifters

For all the sportspersons, nutrition which is right is extremely important. For vegan sportspersons, planning their diet is really important because it lets them survive and sustain longer to perform better. Firstly what is veganism? Veganism i...


Almost everyone gets scars on their bodies — from the smallest leftover scrape to the much larger wounds from a car accident or surgery. What you may not know is that there are different kinds of scars, and the type of scar you have may determi...


Diarrhea Gastroenterologist NYC (GI Doctor) Diarrhea refers to a bowel movement composed of loose, watery stools. If you have diarrhea, you will likely suffer more frequent trips to the bathroom than usual.  Persistent diarrhea should always ...

Eye Stye

You’d know it if you ever had a stye. An eye stye, clinically called a hordeolum, looks like a big, red pimple on the edge of your eyelid. In actuality it’s a growth that’s due to an infection or injury and it can occur on either ...


What Are Periodontal or Gum Pockets? When you visit your dentist for regular checkups you might be aware they gently probe your gums, and you may hear them reading out various measurements to their assistant. The dental probe is inserted into the s...

Mini Dental Implants

Dr. Navid Rahmani of Dental Implants Center in NYC is a leading mini dental implant specialist in NYC and one of few implant dentists in NY region to offer newest and most advanced dental implant techniques and procedures for your repl...

Pelvic Pain Specialist | NYC Pelvic Doctors | Midtown Manhattan NYC

Pelvic Pain Pelvic pain refers to the discomfort and pain you may feel in the lower abdominal area of your body. The pain may not be contained there, but can in fact radiate into your lower back, buttocks and thighs, depending on the cause or source...

Finding the Proper Motivation for Children’s Weight Loss

Getting and keeping a child motivated is no easy task.  In fact, even adults find it difficult at times to find what motivates them and drives them to reach for success in all that they do.  Motivation is defined as the reason one has for a...

Stay FIT and Healthy

  Wanna stay fit and healthy? Here are some tips of what kind of exercises you need to have a fit and healthy body. Jogging - Jogging is one great way to get some exercise, build some muscle and improve your cardiovascular conditioning. You ha...

Be Healthy! Eat and increase your Red Blood cells

  Why do we need lots of red blood cells? Because Red blood cells have the important job of picking up oxygen from the lungs and carrying oxygen to all of the other cells of the body. The cells of the body use oxygen as the fuel they need to do...

Hydrogen Peroxide in Whitening Teeth

    Hydrogen Peroxide - A colorless liquid with a molecular weight of 34.0 which is often combined with phosphoric or mineral acid, pyrophosphate salts and stannate for it to become an effective whitening ingredient. It is commercially s...


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