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Posted last March 23, 2010, 10:52 pm for Eugene's Clean Cut Barber Shop & Salon in Health report article


 Published by Eugene Ingardia


A couple basic tips that will help with shaving.

Tip One.    It’s best to shave after your shower, but you can get a great shave without showering as well.

Tip Two.    If you’re going to shave use the right products; a bar of soap is not the right product.

Tip Three.  Preparation is the key to a good shave; it doesn’t have to take long to shave, but

If you want it to be comfortable without irritation, make sure you prep your skin properly.



If you’re going to shave after your shower, make sure you cleanse your face with a moisture rich cleanser.  Glycerin based cleansers are good, and moisturizing shampoo’s works well too.  Just stay away from soaps that are for your body.  These can dry out your skin and cause your skin to be over sensitive. Once you’re done washing up and you’re drying off, don’t rub the towel over your face, pat it dry.  You don’t have to be all dainty about it, but just remember; the older you get the less elastic your skin becomes, so pulling on it every day with a towel is going to take its toll eventually.

Now since you’ve already cleaned your face in the shower, you don’t have to use a shaving brush.  It doesn’t mean you can’t, you just don’t have to.  If you like use an herbal pre-shave oil at this time, it will add to the comfort and feels great afterward, not to mention its pleasant fragrance awakens the senses. The purpose to using a pre-shave oil is to soften your beard and help lubricate the area so your razor glides over your face instead of dragging across it.  Next apply you’re shave cream, I like Barber Shop Brand, but then I’m a little bias. Splash a little hot water (not scalding) on your face.  Lightly massage a modest amount of shave cream into your beard with small circular movements using the cushion tips of your fingers.  If you think it feels a little thick add more water.  It should feel real slippery and viscous.  Also note that when using Barber shop Brand you need very little product, a thin film does the trick.

This next part of the shave is open to different opinions about which razor is best.  I can tell you that I’ve used many brands and types.  Some have been better than others, and right now I’ve been happy with a three piece Parker D.E. type.  It really depends on how your face reacts to the type of razor you use.  Triple and quadruple type safety razors are designed to pull the hair out a little and then cut right below the first layer of skin.  This is why it so close of a shave, but also why some toil in pain afterward due to skin irritation and ingrown hairs.  Shaving against the grain can cause irritation as well, and is most often the cause of ingrown hairs.  When shaving you should make long slow strokes that go in the direction of your beard, don’t push hard on the razor.  Pushing down will cause razor burn.  If you feel you need to go over the area try a sideways sweep over the area of concern.  This is good for areas like the chin, and above the lip.  On the neck area above the Adams apple I find it’s usually ok to go against the grain, as long as you understand that this doesn’t mean you can keep going up and over the chin.  The most delicate part of the face is the crease right below the Adams apple; this sometimes has a change in growth direction, and tends to build up oil and dirt when we sleep.  This can clog pores and cause ingrown hairs, so it’s important to shave in the direction of the beard in this area.  Make sure that when shaving you rinse your razor often don’t allow build up in-between the blades.  Keeping your face hydrated throughout the shave is very important; don’t hesitate to add water to the mix as you go.  You can also re-lather if you’re using a brush system.  After you’ve finished the shave part of your routine, pat dry your face.  Now it’s time for an after shave.  Some would have you believe that an alcohol based aftershave is best; I’m here to tell you that’s wrong.  Just because someone jumps off a bridge while applying alcohol to their face doesn’t mean you have to as well.  Listen your razor acts like a mini exfoliating system, removing hair skin and sebum (oil) from your face, putting alcohol on top of  hundreds of tinny micro abrasions makes no sense.  You should use a skin moisturizer after you shave, ones that use thing like Natural Ingredients, and Herbal blends are best.  Barber Shop Brand comes to mind. Yea it’s a plug, but it’s my article.  If you feel the need to close the pores on your face after a shave try splashing cold water over it, this do the trick without the pain. Remember shaving doesn’t have to be an ordeal, it should be quick and painless if it’s not you’re doing something wrong.  Also note you can get all you shaving needs met by going to I’ve crafted some of the best products available at a price that doesn’t hurt the wallet.   Eugene Ingardia  Master Barber of Twenty Two Years.  You can also visit my page barber shop brand on Face book