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So You Want To Know How To Find Cheap Shipping Supplies for Your Online Business?

Posted last July 17, 2012, 9:17 am in Services report article


Businesses of all sizes sending out boxes, Bubble Mailers and packages know especially how much Shipping Supplies cut into their profit margins. Shipping Supplies put a huge burden on the wallets of online retailers, eCommerce shop owners, and eBayer’s alike. Just like any business owner, your always looking for ways to cut cost on supplies without sacrificing the quality of the products your purchasing. In this article we will show you numerous ways on how to cut cost on Shipping Supplies without forfeiting quality.

Free Shipping Mailing Supplies

This method usually only applies to boxes but there is the possibility that you may find other supplies.

Check your local grocery and or retail stores. They almost always have extra boxes laying around that you can have.

Have you ever noticed the large green dumpsters behind those retail and grocery stores? This is also another perfect place to find some FREE Shipping Supplies!

Craigslist! Aside from what I mentioned above, this is the next best method to find supplies. People are always looking to unload their boxes after moving into a new house!

Buying Online Shipping Supplies

In my opinion this is the best option available. While you can’t beat FREE supplies, they are not always readily available. We’ve all had an order placed on our site and then realized we didn’t have a box and or mailer(s) for the item only to find ourselves scrambling all over for them. Almost 100% of the time you purchase shipping supplies online you will get them CHEAP, very cheap. Sometimes you will find them 50% or more off of what they go for in retail stores.

Poly Bags for Retail Stores

While this isn’t the best or cheapest method, it is convenient when you need items in a pinch! If I had to buy supplies at a local store your best bet is to visit Dollar Stores, Walmart, and any office supply store that is running discounts. When compared to buying supplies online, you’ll get nowhere near the same savings when you buy items in store. For example, a few months back I purchased two (2) size #1 Kraft Bubble Mailers from my local dollar store for $1.06 (including tax). I then went on to find All Shipped Out (as mentioned in the online section of this article) where I could buy 100 Kraft Bubble Mailers for $23.00 with FREE shipping. That’s 0.23 each! The more you buy the more you’ll save. However, like I mentioned, retail stores are convenient in a pinch, but should only be used when needed.

Shipping Boxes for Post Office

The Post Office (USPS) is another reliable place to buy supplies, but again, only when in a pinch. Most of their items are overpriced (as with retailers) but are readily available. However, and this would also fall under the FREE supply category, the USPS offers FREE supplies when using Priority Mail Shipping. Most times it is much more expensive to send items via Priority Mail and the few cents you save in supplies isn’t enough to make it worth it.

When it comes down to it, the overall most reliable and cheap way to get all of your shipping supplies is to purchase them online. It may take a few days for you to receive the items but the savings are HUGE. If your just looking for a few boxes here and there then by all means your best off stopping in your local grocery and or retail stores and looking to get boxes without having to dish out any of your hard earned money. Lastly, if your in a pinch, you can always stop at your local Post Office (USPS) or discount store! Cheap shipping supplies are readily available, you just need to know where to look.