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Miami weight loss center:- The way to stay in shape

Posted last January 14, 2014, 1:54 am in Health report article

Nobody wants an extra weight. More or less, we all know that extra weight not only means an odd look but also many hazardous disease. Still Miami is full with obese people; it is only because most people lack the motivation, which is needed for losing weight and keeping that shape forever.    

Exercise and diet plan are the most traditional and healthy method to lose weight. But people now a day are too excited to have a fast weight loss. Every day those flashy newspaper advertisements prove it. Secret and quick weight loss methods sound good only in imagination; in reality, these techniques cause severe health hazards. So if you really want to reduce your extra bulges and truly want to get rid from all obesity related diseases join a good and reputed Miami weight loss center. A well-known fitness center gives you every facility to achieve a healthy weight loss and keep that shape forever. They allot you a fitness trainer and a dietician, together they work for your overall health.

·         The fitness trainer assists you with the exercise, which helps you to lose weight fast and suits your health condition the best.

·         The dietician prepares fat free diet plan for you, which quickens your calorie burning process.

·         If you face any physical problem there are doctors to treat and guide you.

·         A reputed center provides you counseling class, to keep you motivated towards the fat burning plan.

In short, any well-known weight loss center in Miami provides you a customized weight loss program so that you lose weight quickly, but in a healthy way.

Still there are cases of severe obesity, and a patient with severe obesity could not lose weight through traditional method as they could not move their body properly due to huge bulges, and their body is less likely respond to calorie burning exercise and fat free diet plans, so medical science recommend them weight loss surgery. Some popular weight reducing surgical options are the Lap Band, Gastric Sleeve and the Gastric Bypass. All these surgical methods based on the fact:- the patient eats less naturally and thus lose weight soon.

·         The Lap Band technique involves wrapping a band at the top portion of your stomach, so an upper small stomach pouch is created which could hold little amount of food at a time.

·         The Gastric sleeve involves cutting 85% of the stomach, giving it a sleeve like structure. As most of your stomach gets removed you feel less hungry and also feel full with less amount of food.

·         In case of Gastric Bypass the surgeon creates a small upper pouch and a much larger lower pouch, then he re-routes the small intestine, the small stomach can hold little amount of food and as the intestine is re-routed less fat absorbed from the food, so you lose weight soon.   

These medical weight loss Miami methods helps to reduce fat soon, but these are only for those patients who cannot lose weight through the traditional method, i.e. the morbidly obese patients. Exercise and fat free diet plan is always considered as the healthiest fat losing method.

Author Bio:-

Sean Jones is a renowned doctor. He has contributed a lot for medical weight loss Miami.