Tuesday, January 15, 2019 11:37 PM
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Health isn’t a goal. It is a way to live

Posted last September 30, 2016, 2:59 am in Health report article

Every person in this universe needs a sense of controlling himself. He desires to fulfill the realistic expectations and some ways to manage the stress for the whole day. This introversion is born in each of us. It is most probably one of the most important chunk of living a happy and the life of success.

For this, health is considered to be the most important factor in order to fulfill the expectations and requirements of the daily based challenges. A wise person is always the one who will consider his health on priority bases and will learn the different ways of innovating ideas. Because he knows that a healthy mind will always create the tracks for success and he will be able to fulfill the day to day challenges he will be facing the whole day.

Ali was considered to be one of the most innovative students during his university time. As he entered into a professional career, he started ignoring his healthy activities being done to refresh his mind. His only focus was to reach the goals he wanted to achieve. For this, he started working harder and harder. With the continuous focus in the work load and taking stress of work all the time, he started getting indulged to different health problems. Excessive work affected his physical, social and economic capability. He started feeling a loss of appetite. Negligence to this issue resulted in loss of weight, fever all the time, fatigue, frustrations and his heart beat started increasing after a short span of time.

 Too much weakness resulted into a big loss to his work. He started losing concentration from his work. This loss made him realize that if he has no health, he has no wealth. Now, he is living in the state of languor and sufferings.

A person needs to be health conscious all the time. It is highly advised by the doctors to take care of your health. Scheduling the following three things in your life will make you able to get rid of many diseases and problem

1.      Have a proper sleep:

It is recommended by the doctors to sleep 8 hours daily. If we will deprive our sleep it will not be able to regulate the immune system of our body and we will be suffering from different diseases

2.      Take a balanced diet:

The ultimate key to success is to have a balanced diet which consist of fibers, proteins and starch equally.

Starting a day with an apple and a glass of milk will help the good care of your day.

We should make sure that we have five to ten serving of fruits and vegetables.

 3.      Exercise daily:

Daily exercise for half an hour will make you able to burn the calories and fat within the body. It will be able to give a life full of purity and daily.

We are the people of this fast era. We have made our lives as complicated as we can. It is a universal fact that negligence towards your health will reach you nowhere. There would be issues and sufferings. The goals to become a self dependant person ultimately depend on your health.

If you want some medications, try buying Valium. It will help you in the sustainability of your health and regaining your appetite.


 Do whatever you can do and do take care of your health. An individual’s health is the health of the community.