Thursday, December 13, 2018 08:20 AM
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How To Clean The 5 Most Common Kids Messes

Posted last September 18, 2017, 1:33 pm in Services report article

Kids are generally known to be ‘bundles of joy,’ but when it comes to creating mess, they can be an unstoppable force. As a matter of fact, kids are very much capable of creating dirt messes, crayoned walls, spilled food and slippery floors all around the home. Like peanut butter and jelly, getting messy is a lifestyle that cannot be taken away from kids.

From to crayon on the wall to Play-Doh in the rug, here are some helpful tips on how to clean the 5 most common messes kids create.

1. Crayon scribbling

Kids generally treasure their artwork and even see them as great possession. However, they don’t just stop there. They also go ahead to explore other areas to showcase their creativity, including walls. Failure handle this activity on time could lead to the transformation of your living with several graffiti designs. This tile and grout cleaning job can be performed naturally. You can easily get rid of crayon from the wall with a clean washcloth, water, Q-tip and lemon essential oil.

2. Spilled Soda

Depending on the spill, spilled soda can cover a large area on the carpet. The mess can really be a big problem to solve. The stain can become sticky and very difficult to clean especially when left on the carpet for a long time. This kind of mess can be commonly witnessed in most children’s party.

Apart from the sticky mess, spilled soda can make a carpet cleaning very difficult as it can take time to remove. In other to avoid a bigger hassle, it is best to attend to the mess as soon as it’s discovered. Sponge the stain with an effective cleaning solution until disappears. Then use cold water to sponge and blot dry.

3. Chocolate Stains

Chocolate stains on upholstery are real signs of kids’ activities in the home. However, this mess does not make the work of upholstery cleaning any easier. Once chocolate gets onto the hands of kids, the upholstery is not always spared.

Chocolate can be an attractor for bugs like ants when allowed to melt. So, there is need to take care of this as quickly as possible. Use a butter knife to scrape off dried chocolate, then use a wet damp cloth and a cleaning solution to remove leftover flakes.

4. Bubblegum

Bubblegum mess is often common in homes with kids. They tend to stick the gum anywhere in the house after being tired of chewing. The carpet is one of the most popular places they tend to put it in and this can be quite a hassle to remove. But you can effectively get rid of this by hardening the stain with a bag of ice directly being placed onto the gum. Then use a scraping tool to remove the gum from the carpet. Afterward, use a cleaning tool to sponge the gum stain.

5. Play-Doh

When fresh and squishy, Play-Doh can make your rug look like dried-out chunks the can hardly be removed manually. To effectively get rid of the clumps, you will need to use a sturdy scrub before sucking up the remaining dough dust with a vacuum cleaner. When it comes to rug cleaning, it best to use a stiff-bristled scrub brush.