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What To Be Aware Of When Buying Cheap Synthetic Rugs

Posted last September 18, 2017, 1:40 pm in Services report article

Synthetic rugs are replicas of wool rugs. They are made with artificial fibers such as polyester, polypropylene (olefin), and acrylic. Synthetic rugs are cheap as they are machine made. Besides, their fibers are plastics compared to the natural fiber used for hand woven wool rugs. The back sides of synthetic rugs are hard to touch due to the artificial fiber used in their production. They have a sponge-like texture.

 Due to its affordability, most commercial buildings use synthetic rugs for carpeting. Also, olefin carpets are coverings in some homes. Here are tips you will consider when buying cheap synthetic rugs.


 Wears down faster


 Synthetic rugs are not durable. They get worn after few years of usage. The portions of these carpets that entertain high foot traffic such as entryways show the extent they have worn. They don’t last long because they are plastic products. Some home improvement stores offer synthetic rug for residential homes. However, they are not the best option for a wall to wall carpeting. Nylon carpets are preferable for homes if you opt for synthetic floor coverings. They can withstand traffic better than olefin and acrylic fibers.


 Regular rug cleaning


 Unlike wool rugs, synthetic carpets don’t have spaces that will hide dust. The plastic fiber of acrylic, olefin, and polyester rugs has smooth strands. Grits stick to these coverings causing them to become dirty faster than wool rugs. If you decide to buy synthetic rugs, remember that you will need rug cleaning services just months after usage. Regular cleaning can also cause their colors to fade.


 The steam cleaning technique is ideal for keeping such rugs clean. Other methods may be useful if they are stained with pet urine or flood. Besides, rug cleaning services need harsh cleaning solutions to remove dirt from synthetic rugs.


 Hard to clean


 Dust, grits, and hair can easily adhere to synthetic carpets. These particles are difficult to remove from the surfaces of these rugs. The cleaners have to pull off lint making synthetic rug cleaning a laborious task. Due to the nature of their surfaces, regular vacuum cleaners cannot pick all the dirt stuck on the synthetic rugs. A lint roller will be useful in removing particles from these floor coverings. You can get powerful vacuum cleaners that can remove pet fur from the carpet. However, such machines are costly. Despite the scratchy and sticky surfaces, rug cleaning company Baton Rouge can thoroughly wash your synthetic rugs.


 High absorbency


 The fibers of synthetic rugs are wrapped round jute. This straw-like plant material can hold both liquids and odors. The jute foundation of these carpets can absorb pet urine. In such situation, the rug needs thorough washing and deodorizing to avoid odor issue. The same treatment applies to synthetic carpets after flood exposure. The odor-holding property of jute raises the maintenance costs of these rugs.


 Synthetic rugs do not look great after washing. Despite the cost of getting them cleaned and deodorized, they lose their attractiveness. The rug cleaning company in Baton Rouge can help you maintain your synthetic rug. They can give it a face lift to make the carpet look better after cleaning.