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Top 5 Typography Trends in 2017

Posted last October 9, 2017, 1:29 pm in Services report article

A lot of changes have been visible since the inception of world wide web. A lot more stress have been seen over typography over a decade. Words play an important role in making or breaking a website. Typography has become popular and an quintessential part of the website as all what matters is not only UI but UX, SEO and responsiveness of the website all. 

Reason behind popularity of Typography

Let’s look into some of the factors which were responsible for the shift from images to fonts and typography.

Responsiveness: As a responsive web page is that which perfectly displays the web page irrespective of the screen size. All the elements can resize themselves accordingly. But with an image it was difficult and people preferred to read text than viewing a scrollable image…

Navigation: With images or other flashy gifs, it was really difficult to navigate. Even these images increased the load time of the website which irritated the people.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization for the text written on images was an extremely difficult task. But it become easier with the text part as SEO doesn’t take typography into account.

UX: With amazing typography, you can offer a good and rich user experience.  

Typographic Trends

In this blog I have curated the top five typographic trends of 2017. Have a look.

1. Hand Made Designs back in Action

Handmade designs and logos still find their place in the modern websites. Web designer first preference is to have a logo or an image designed by professional artists. But that doesn’t mean you need to go to a museum or an art gallery to buy a design. There are tools available in the market which offer the same look and feel as the real artist can provide.

2. Customized typography

In 201 when Apple launched its sans-serif typeface “San Franscio” for ‘Apple Watch”, it got an overwhelmeing response from all the technical people and was termd as the head turner. After short time, Google came up with its own typeface which was multi-script and was used to support the Unicode web publishing in Middle East, South and south-east Asia. Its good if you have your own typeface. It will take some time but believe me!! Its worth that.

3. Variable typography

This is a perfect example of responsive fonts. “Open type Variable Font” was developed in 2016 and was a joint venture of Google, Adobe, Apple and Microsoft.  You can easily sharpen the image, increase or decrease the size or scale it up or down without letters getting messed into each other.

4. Bigger Header and Footer

It has been seen that the headers and footers have been broadened. Header consists of the main tagline or some information related to the web page or company is depicted. And footer contains all the links of the website in a well defined manner along with the contact information and company logo. All the best WordPress themes come with built in web font compatibility options such as Google Fonts etc. 

5. Different Fonts for different personalities

It has been seen noticed that fonts such as Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial and Cambria relate to people having stable personalities while fonts such as Kristen, Gigi, pristine, Kunstler Script are intented for an artistic or creative minded people. Depending upon the audience you can prefer the font. Such as font for a news website would be different for a website for kids.

Apart from these there are many more typographies which are currently in trend. You can share your vie and thoughts in the comment section below.