Wednesday, November 21, 2018 06:41 AM
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Expand your DTG Business Capabilities by Pre-Treating

Posted last March 4, 2018, 6:56 am in Stores report article

Venturing into any business always has as its goal to profit and become a name that will enable continuity. Direct to Garment printing can become such an entity if ventured into with the vision of being able to provide customers with variety. Many DTG businesses rely on printing on fabrics of lighter colors other than black and darker shades because it is simpler. Simpler limits your business potential. Printing on whites and light colored fabrics are basically offered by just about all garment printing businesses. The ones who expand in making their services available to do prints on blacks, purples, dark grays and any other dark shades will require pre-treating. This is where the orders will be expanded and you will be sought after.

To make a mess or not to make a mess is the question you must ask. Pre-treating can be messy; however, if the work space is properly engineered and set up for adequate ventilation, this will minimize the actual problem of dealing with the mess. It will be confined to its own space and controlled.

Learning how to pre-treat takes time and money, but consider this a very good investment, and you will see the effort paying off in a short time. There are two types of pre-treatment which are:

       Pre-treatment by hand

       Pre-treatment by machine

Pre-treatment by hand was the first method used for fabric printing. Although it is messy, the experts advise learning this method as well as the machine. It will come in very handy if at any time your pre-treatment machine goes down, or you have a big order to fill, both systems can be used.

Hand pre-treatment of garments is done with a power sprayer. This is a Wagner brand, which has a plastic bottle for the spray solution attached to the power sprayer. Using this method requires a well-ventilated area and a sizeable work space. This process will enable you to become proficient in the amount of treatment solution to use and be able to apply it in the designated area of the garment. The messy part is the unused mist of the solution that circulates in the space and comes in contact with floor, surface space of work station and makes it very sticky. It is advised you clean the area daily as to eliminate such discomfort. The hand pre-treatment application cannot be done near your digital direct to garment printer.

Pre-treatment by machine was developed about six years ago and is used by most DTG manufacturers. The machine is either fully or partially enclosed and is operated by a digital timer for spray amount application, and length of time for spray. Unlike the hand pre-treatment process, the machine can be placed near to your printer, so you have a continuous flow during production. You can place your printer, pre-treatment machine as well as your press, comfortably in the same space to work.

Remember to clean the pre-treat machine daily, as it can get very sticky from the solution. Cleaning the machine requires using a cleaning solution made for this job, which also flushes the system and helps for a less clogged system.

Although the hand pre-treatment is a lot more work, being proficient at this will enable for consistent quality. A good hand pre-treatment person in your business is their weight in gold, and it costs less to maintain. A hand pre-treatment sprayer costs far less than the machine. The machine though efficient and less time consuming is a good investment if you are not able to find the right person to do the manual job.

Any person can decide to go into the DTG Direct to Garment printing business. They need to be knowledgeable in all areas of the industry. The pre-treatment aspect which is just one area of the business in my estimation is a very good investment. It enables business owners the opportunity to offer customers that much more.